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     I visited my parents house in Japan. The house was the house I had lived in my childhood. (It had demolished over 25 years ago in reality, but still existed in the dream. )

     My parents was preparing for moving out. They said they were going to move out the house tomorrow because the house has been too damaged to live. I started helping my dad to remove his packages from Oshiire ( a Japanese storage usually for storing Futons ). Then, I went to a bathroom.

It was very old and had a vault toilet. The floor was about to crumbles. I was amazed at my carelessness that I couldn't realize how terribly damaged the house was until now.  



   Next morning, I woke up in my apartment in Queens, New York. (At the moment, I thought today is my own moving day to Brooklyn. ) After a while, the real estate agent guy came to my apartment to take me to the new place. However, he said 'There was a trouble. The new apartment is still occupied and you can't move in.' What!? The guy took me to an abolished school and told me to stay here until he found another apartment for me. Too bad...what's wrong with me!?

    I was wondering around the abolished school. I saw many young people of color in there. They had failed to move and stayed here just like me. Then, I found a room has a big audio player with TV. I run up to the audio player and burst the words out before I knew.


                         ' I have to listen to OASIS right now! I need OASIS for moving ! '

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