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クリル、和紙にアーカイバルプリント、キャンバス 86 x 147cm 2014年

A Dream of an ancient Asian god statue transformed into gravestone-TV as I pulled a monotype print from it

Acrylic Paint, Archival print on Japanese paper, canvas. 34 x 58 inch. 2014



I was a middle school student in a math class. A teacher wrote a mathematical formula with mysterious triangles on a blackboard. He told us to come to write the answer on the blackboard. I had no idea for the answer. But I stood up and followed classmates anyway. Next moment, all the sudden, a stone statue appeared in the room. It looked like a statue of ancient Southeast Asian god. Everyone grabbed paper and made a line for taking monotype prints from the statue in turn. What? I was confused, but tried it anyway. I pressed my paper against the inked statue then peeled the paper carefully. At the instant, the statue was transforming into a gravestone. I heard little noises from cracks on the gravestone. It seemed noises from a TV. TV in the gravestone? What kind of TV program was playing in the gravestone?

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