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According to my dreams ;

Smartphones are sex toys for orphans 

Acrylic paint, screen printing, Japanese paper mounted on a canvas.

54x 46 inch.  2014




 アクリル絵具、シルクスクリーン、キャンバスの上に和紙 137cm x 117cm  2014年

 I  visited an orphanage for teens in the dream. The orphans sat together at a big desk, but they were screened off from each other by partitions on the desk. There was a cup of water in front of each orphan. They were intent on inserting their smartphones in the cup of water. In and out, in and out single-mindedly. It looked like they gave hand-job to their phone.  I asked them what were they doing, but nobody replied. So I observed them for a while. But I found out that they were just waiting for a call from their friends or boyfriend in that way.



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